The Everything Coworking Academy Membership

Say goodbye to:
  • Working IN your business instead of ON your business.
  • Wondering what other operators are doing that you should know about.
  • Not having access to someone who "gets it" to run something by.
Say hello to:
  • Working ON your business.
  • Behind-the-scenes access to what other operators have done that you want to do in your business.
  • Phone-a-friend access when you need an expert perspective.

“​​The mentoring given by Jamie is second to none. She provides a roadmap of how to get from point A to B and takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. “

David Andras

Founder of Northern Ohio Business Center

If you are:

  • A coworking space operator that is open for business (NOT in the pre-launch phase).
  • Committed to continuously improving your business and yourself as a business owner.
  • The type of person that gets stuff done once they have a clear plan.

...Then the Everything Coworking Academy is for you.

The Everything Coworking Academy is a monthly membership that gives you ongoing access to coworking-specific, expert training, behind-the-scenes access to what successful operators are doing in their business, and access to a peer group and experts when you have questions or need another perspective.


Hi! I’m Jamie.

  • CEO of Everything Coworking.
  • Owned 2 coworking spaces for a total of 8 years
  • Have helped dozens of coworking spaces launch through my Coworking Startup School
  • Have helped hundreds of Flight Group members advance their coworking businesses
  • Have trained and developed 100+ Community Managers through our Community Manager University Program
  • Host of the Everything Coworking Podcast with 225+ episodes
  • GWA board member (and former Executive Director)
  • Speaker at industry events such as the GWA Annual Conference, Worktech, GCUC, FlexWorld.

After years of working with operators to launch and run profitable coworking spaces, and training and developing Coworking Community Managers, there’s no support for coworking space operators post-launch. You want to know how to optimize your business, either to get your time back or to prepare for growth. You want to know what other successful operators are doing that you might want to emulate. You want a professional network of coworking space operators that you know, like, and trust. And sometimes, you just need 15 minutes to get an opinion from an expert. We designed the Everything Coworking Academy for you.

”Yes and more. As experienced C-Suite Executives, we had a vision for our space but knew that having" Been there/done that" resources from the Coworking Startup School accelerated our success. We opened at the beginning of Covid and know that if we hadn't gone through the Startup School, our path would have been even more challenging. The up to date information as well as the networking between coworking operators throughout the world was extremely helpful.”


Founder of La Suprema Works & Events

**All of our students come to our Everything Coworking Membership with a varying degree of experience, expertise, and success. Their results may not be your results. Their journey may not be your journey. BUT, inside our membership, you will have everything you need to build the sales and marketing, mindset & systems and processes for the best version of your business.

Here’s what you’ll get inside of the Everything Coworking Academy:

  • We will be your accountability partner and we’ll give you a path to follow to remove overwhelm and indecisiveness. You’ll make consistent progress developing and growing your business every single month without wasting time figuring it all out on your own.
  • Get access to our coworking-specific coaches so that you can put systems in place that attract more members. With coaching you get things done faster without losing momentum on a project because you’re unclear about the next step.
  • Use our training and templates to create a successful business that can run without you so you can spend your time on optimizing for growth. Focus on high-value activities, without reinventing the wheel to optimize and grow because 80% of what you do in your coworking business, other coworking businesses do as well.
  • Your membership lets you collaborate with other operators who are investing in their growth, testing new ideas, and sharing their experiences. Avoid costly mistakes and gain valuable perspective on “what’s working” from other operators who are also focused on growing their businesses.

What’s Included in the Everything Coworking Membership?

Our singular goal is to help you achieve your coworking business goals faster.

We accomplish this through:

Our Coworking Success Roadmap™

Drives the content for our expert training and How I Did This sessions.

 Office Hours:

15-minute quick-win coaching sessions Hosted by coworking experts (mostly Jamie, except when she's on vacation) to provide personal feedback and actionable strategies that you can implement with confidence.

Monthly Expert Training:

Live training gives you the how-to’s you need in order to tackle the next to-do.

How I Did This Sessions 

Get behind the scenes insight into things that other operators. are doing that you want to know how to do.

Quarterly mastermind calls with other coworking space operators (at or above your experience level)

Fast-track your own business by getting access to what’s working for other operators and what’s not.

Training & Coaching Call Library in our Members Portal

All our training and coaching calls are recorded so you have immediate access to our training & coaching library, "Coworking Central" when you join.

Access to our private, members-only Slack group

The perfect place to ask questions as soon as they come up and get answers from a curated, trusted group

Monthly Group Marketing Office Hours

Hosted by marketing experts. Strengthen your marketing skills through expert feedback, critiques, and coaching.

Monthly Group Real Estate Office Hours

Hosted by real estate experts to provide feedback and coaching on your real estate questions.

The Quit Anytime It’s No Longer a Fit For You Guarantee

This monthly membership is designed to support your business goals. You may cancel any time the program no longer aligns with your needs. Your first month will be prorated; your last month will not. The setup fee applies anytime you re-join.





We’re currently updating the “Everything Coworking Academy” membership and not accepting new members for the time being. We will update this section with the new link as soon as it’s ready. We can’t wait to welcome you to the new and improved Everything Coworking Academy!


TERMS: The first month is prorated, all recurring payments will be charged on the first of the month. Cancel anytime (no prorating the last month), but always pay the onboarding fee when you return.

The Everything Coworking Academy Is For you If:


You are committed to taking the fast-track to creating a sustainable business that  attracts and retains your ideal members.


You do not yet have repeatable, documented systems in place for your sales funnel, member experience, operations, hiring, and financial systems.


You’re on a mission to create a business that positively impacts the people you serve by creating a thriving, financially sustainable business that doesn’t burn you out.


You have big plans and broad pursuits and you’d like to straightline the ramp-up of this location so that you can get to “steady state” faster.


You appreciate that you’ll build a stronger business, faster by leveraging your village of coworking experts. #bettertogether.


You value making “work friends” so that you have a crew to hang with at industry events.

”We go up and running and profitable in 5 months. we attribute this to the coaching and direction of the school, Jamie, and the podcast”


The Everything Coworking Growth Membership Is NOT For you If:

You are already operating a well-oiled machine. If you’ve nailed your first or second location (s), join our Next Level Mastermind Group. Email [email protected] for more info.

You like to figure things out as you go along. If you take pride in the DIY, slow-cooked approach, you do you.

I started my first coworking space in 2012, my second in 2013. Like many of you, I thought it looked pretty straightforward to start a space...even way back then. I could just reverse-engineer the model and figure it out as I went along, right? they say….the Devil is in the details... There's a lot you have to get right to reach profitability and put your business systems in place. When you create breathing room, you can work on growth plans, re-focus on another business, or just enjoy not being in 911 mode all the time.

I’ve spent the last 3 years helping coworking space operators like you launch and operate coworking spaces that meet their community, financial and personal goals.

I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. 20% of your business is “secret sauce.” 80% of the business is the stuff that all successful coworking space owners do.

he Everything Coworking Academy is designed to provide a straightforward road map to the training, tools, templates, and access to experts that you need. Follow a shorter path to profitability,  a sustainable business, and the next phase. of the journey!

I hope you’ll join us!

Enroll Now!

”If you'd like to own a membership-based owrkspace of any kind, Coworking Startup School is a must! It's one of those investments that ends up saving you money in the long run.”