Coworking space owners and landlords:
Become fully equipped to negotiate a deal structure such as a management agreement...

...That aligns risk and reward for both the landlord and the operator....

...Without spending months negotiating the wrong topics and thousands of dollars on attorney fees that don't lead to the agreement that covers the right elements for both parties.

If you’re a landlord or a coworking space operator looking to enter into a creative partnership structure to put a coworking space in a building that has the right upside for both parties...

...While being confident that you’ve covered all of the “who does what” and “what if’s” before you commit,

...Then you know you need to become an expert on the coworking management agreement.

By the end of this program,

you will...


  • Understand the differences between traditional leases and creative deal structures such as management agreements.

    You'll be able to clearly explain the risk/reward profile of each, and know which option is right for you.
  • Be able to explain the business model from both the LL and operator perspective.

    You'll have a sample pro forma for a management agreement and be able to plug in the financial drivers to evaluate your own deal.
  • Know how to find and evaluate potential LL or operator partners.

    You'll have a checklist that you can use to determine whether the other party is. a good fit before you begin the process of negotiating terms.
  • Be able to define the roles of each party in a management agreement. Who does what, who pays for what, who reports what, etc.

    Partnerships are like marriages. It's critical to know how to divide up responsibilities and what to do if one party doesn't pull their weight.
  • Know what the elements are in a management agreement and how each one might get negotiated.

    From the pre-opening budget to the FFE budget, you'll know what's negotiable, and how to look for terms that satisfy the goals of both parties.

I'm Jamie Russo, the CEO of Everything Coworking. We help coworking space operators start and run profitable coworking spaces through our two signature programs, The Coworking Startup School and Community Manager University. 

Operators ask me daily for support learning about and negotiating management agreements so I've partnered with Mike Abrams to get you the help you need. He has a deep background in real estate and management agreements for hotels, retail and coworking spaces.

He understands the operator perspective AND the landlord perspective. Best of all, he wants you to deeply understand the business impacts of choosing the management agreement model as well as have the tools you need to negotiate every single section of an operating agreement.

Jamie Russo, CEO Everything Coworking

Hi I'm Mike. Together, we will get you prepared to confidently negotiate your management agreement.

I am working with Jamie Russo to create this course to help coworking space operators and landlords like you determine whether or not a creative deal structure such as a management agreement, is for you...and if it is, how to negotiate one that works for you and your future partner.

We believe in the future of coworking and flexible work. 

We also believe that the traditional lease model is not always the ideal structure for the space operator OR the landlord.

I bring a unique set of experiences and expertise to the table. I’ve spent decades in real estate as a developer, as a landlord, and most recently, was VP of Market Development for a regional coworking brand negotiating management agreements

You are frustrated that there are very few resources out there to help boutique coworking brands and landlords participate in the future of work through partnerships such as the management agreement. 

I am here to get you the support you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Michael H Abrams

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What’s Inside This Course:


Module 1

The Lease vs. The Management Agreement: Structure, Obligations, Risks and Rewards

Equip yourself with a solid understanding of the business model for a management agreement vs. a lease. Setting this base will help you to determine when a management agreement is the right approach, and what you can expect in terms of risks/benefits.

Module Highlights:

First up, we get aligned on the risks/reward and structure of the management agreement for the LL and operator. Here’s what we cover in this module:

  • Financial and legal obligations of a lease and of a management agreement
  • Benefits/tradeoffs of each structure
  • Finding and evaluating management agreement opportunities
  • Case Study: 10 years in a lease vs. 10 years in a management agreement
Module 2

Roles in a Management Agreement

A management agreement is a little like a marriage except that we all have a pretty good handle on the roles in a marriage...The roles in a management agreement are equally important but more mysterious. Let’s clear them up.

Module Highlights:

Here we get super detailed on who handles the elements of a coworking space in a Management agreement including: Who owns the bank account, who pays the staff, who designs the space, who pays  for the FFE, who pays for the buildout, who handles monthly reporting and more.

  • The relationship between a landlord and an operator in a MA and how it differs from a lease (hint: you’re not only calling when the elevator is out).
  • The roles of the LL and Operator in a MA (who does what, who pays  for what, who reports what)
Module 3

The Sections of an Operating Agreement and How to Get One Done

A management agreement is a little like a marriage except that we all have a pretty good handle on the roles in a marriage...The roles in a management agreement are equally important but more mysterious. Let’s clear them up.

Module Highlights:

This module dives into the detail you’ve been waiting for. We walk through the sections of an operating agreement step by step. We share the terms to be negotiated in each section, typical interests for each party and sample approaches to each term. This section will serve you well as you’re considering the management agreement model for your business model, and support you while you’re in the process of negotiating.

  • What roles are involved in writing and negotiating a management agreement?
  • The sections of a management agreement; What elements the LL+Operator must decide and how to prepare to negotiate
  • What to do when you get stuck while negotiating a term in a section

When you enroll 

you’ll get: 

  • Three modules with video, slides and downloads/templates

    Three modules that will help you understand the business model of the management agreement AND negotiate the detailed terms of a management agreement.

  • Access to a business model approach that may align better with your  goals than a traditional lease

    When you've completed this course, you will have access to a new way of thinking about operating a coworking space or adding one to your real estate offerings. This is powerful as the demand for flexible workspace is expected to sky rocket post COVID.
  • Access to landlords and coworking space operators that are considering the MA model

    One of the best ways to truly learn a new approach is to get access to how your potential partner thinks...what's important to them, what's at risk for them... in this course, our goal is for you to interact with both sides during our live Q&A calls.
  • Live Q&A calls for each module to dive into the specifics of your unique situation

    Got questions about your specific goals and situation? We will do our best to support you during our monthly live Q&A calls (over Zoom). You can also email us with questions.

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Still thinking about it?

Creative Coworking Partnerships is PERFECT for you if you are...

  1. A landlord that wants to understand what the business model would look like in a management agreement.

  2. A coworking space operator looking to expand, but maybe not with a traditional lease. You want to understand the business model and the risk/reward of a management agreement (or other creative deal structure) approach.

  3. A landlord or a coworking space operator that is ready to look for a partner, but doesn't know where to start in terms of structuring and negotiating an agreement.

  4. You are a landlord or a coworking space operator getting ready to negotiate an agreement and you want to get a head start on the sections and terms to save thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

  5. You are a coworking space operator ready to partner on a space larger than 5,000 square feet. A pure management agreement model generally doesn't work on smaller spaces.  

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